• Overview of Publishing History

    At present, Poll Comics has published 7 different stories with a combined page count of about 350 (not including director's cut editions). The comics have gone through a variety of iterations and formats. Poll Comics wasn't officially formed until 2015, after the completion of the first book of Dark River, but earlier poll-based projects created or edited by Ram have been included to show the project's earliest form.

  • 2016. Through a Dark Lens

    Chapter 1. Something strange lurks in the Harcourt Estate. When violent tragedy leaves Mika Briggs, Assistant Director to the estate's museum, in charge of the collection, she is forced to delve into the hidden histories and cosmic horrors contained in it. 25 pages.


    Chapter 2. As the strange events surrounding the Harcourt estate continue, Mika prepares for the funeral of her mentor, Dr. Pavel. This story is currently in progress.

  • 2016. Fall Court

    A Tale of Knights. The last age of humanity begins. As nature spirits begin reclaiming a landscape lost to pestilence and environmental disaster, the last remaining knights must face the consequences of their actions- and come to terms with their lack of a future.


    Fall Court. Snakes in the garden. A prequel to Fall Court: A Tale of Knights. Red, not yet a knight, is being transported to the North. The journey is interrupted when the party encounters the victim of a local cult strewn up and left for dead. This story is unfinished was aborted for personal reasons.

  • 2016. Mercs

    Mercs. A team of mercenaries is given the task of sneaking into the desolate remains of Neo Francisco to commit corporate sabotage against GeneriCorp. What could go wrong? This story was aborted due to low interest.

  • 2014-2015. Dark River

    Dark River.  The crew of the starship Anabasis finds themselves thrust into a distant galaxy. Faced with unknown threats- and a few too many puns for their own good- the crew must overcome the threat of the Bored Collective and face the ultimate big bad- Agent Fenrir. 150 pages.

  • 2014. Dragon Pulp, Vol 2

    Dragon pulp vol 2, book of kathai. A politically powerful priestess goes rogue, sparking conflict as different factions try to take advantage of the situation. When the dust settles, the empire itself may be in danger. 40 pages.

  • 2013. Hinterland Journeys

    Hinterland Journeys. Young and foolhardy, Jahnecie stumbles across a hidden temple. The goddess he encounters gives him a surprising revelation about his family- and gives him a choice that will shape the future of the world. 20 pages.

  • 2012-2013. Dragon Pulp, Vol 1

    Dragon pulp vol 1. Medieval fantasy drama, R. Raised from birth to be a pawn in the power struggle between two powerful forces, Vasanteus must come to terms with his conflicted heritage- and carve out a path to freedom for his family. There will be blood. Mature subjects, sexual violence, racial bigotry. 80 pages.