Through a Dark Lens:

The Funeral, pt 2.

Written by David A. Davis

Illustrated by Ram Lama

You study the deer for a moment, but realize you need to get back to the car. You turn to help Mom. The deer’s eyes are on you the entire time. You’re still in pain and the rock is so heavy.

You try to break the glass but you are just not strong enough. You wish Dad was able to help, but he… you let out a sob . You keep using what strength you have to try to break the window, but all you can do is crack it. You see the car is filling up with smoke and you feel heat. You kick at the window and scream at your Mom, pleading for her to wake up.

Mom wakes up, but she starts screaming at you.


“Mika! Run baby! Run now!”


You keep trying to kick out the window, but Mom is now slapping the glass with her palms. She is starting to vanish behind a thick curtain of smoke.




You know that whenever your Mom and Dad used your middle name it was an order that had to be followed. Even Dad, as wonderful as he was put the fear of God into you whenever he dropped “Ella” on you.The forest around you has taken on an orange glow. The car is on fire.

Why is Doctor Pavel here, you wonder… You didn’t know him until you applied for the job at the museum six years ago. Something isn’t right. You watch the fire consume the car, but hear no sound, no crackling or screaming from the car. All you can do is stand still. Your ghostly companion is as silent as the forest.

You watch the deer climb on top of the car. The only sounds you can hear are the sounds its hooves make on the tangle of metal, glass, and plastic. You see the flames begin to climb the deer’s slender legs, but it does not flee or show any pain. It simply stares at you. It knows you.

You wake up with a start in Pavel’s favorite chair inside the caretaker’s cabin on the museum grounds. You are surrounded by notes and files, having spent the past week searching for clues. You may have a few leads to share with certain parties. You shake the sleep from your eyes and notice the clothes you laid out the night before… You need to head to Dr. Pavel’s funeral. The question is, should you take your research with you?