Through a Dark Lens:

The Funeral, pt 5.

Written by David A. Davis

Illustrated by Ram Lama

    Of course Howard and Martha would try to corner you now.

    You look at Martha, unimpressed. “I was just about to let Erin know that we had an opening at the museum coming up.”

    “I wasn’t aware we were going to keep the museum open,” she says.

    You stand up and cross your arms. “That was always the idea. Pavel’s dream isn’t going to die with him, if that was your intent.”

    “Not at all,” Martha says, her face growing red, “but there are several things that I we feel need to be addressed before we open the museum.”



    You turn to the curiously silent Howard, asking “You feel the same way, I assume?

    Howard smirks slightly.

    “Well, I know that as a trust we should all be on the same page about these sort of things.”

    You hold your breath for a moment, wanting to choose your words carefully.



    Miraculously, Abigail seems to have read your mind and stepped forward. She stares down Howard and Martha. “I’ll have you know that this is not a fight worth having right now. If you don’t back off I will side with Mika, whatever her decision is, and we’ll be locked up for a good, long while. Understand?”

    Martha’s face loses its color as she realizes how bad this situation can get. She puts on a half smile and takes a step back. “Understood. I will want to discuss this first thing Monday. You owe the trust that at the very least.”

    You nod. “Yes, I agree. Monday.”

    Martha walks away toward some other mourners who represent various interests in the town. Howard hangs back a moment. He leans toward you, his expression is dour. “Don’t think that you were the only person who cared about Pavel and the museum. We all lost a good friend.”

    He reaches out a tentative hand but retracts it, instead turning away and following Martha.

    Abigail turns to you. “We should meet up and discuss the plans before Monday though… I would like to have a little more knowledge about what you’re planning.”

    “I’m sure I’ll tell you when I know.”

    Abigail laughs and gives your arm a reassuring squeeze. “Until then, I am going to try to soothe Martha over and make sure she doesn’t make any promises to the community that might lead to trouble for us.”



    Abigail walks away and you look back at Erin who is silently staring away, toward the grave. You turn your eyes toward it as well and see Alec standing there, looking into it, and beside him is the ghost of Pavel, who is staring at you. You turn back to Erin who seems shocked. Can she… can she see Pavel? You look at Pavel again and for a moment you see Alec shudder and look at what should be empty air next to him. He looks puzzled and concerned...