Through a Dark Lens:

The Funeral, pt 4.

Written by David A. Davis

Illustrated by Ram Lama

With the service having concluded, you turn to speak with Erin and Abigail. “How are you two holding up?” you ask.


“I was about to ask you the same thing, Mika,” Abigail says with a furrowed brow, “You’ve been cloistered off on the estate for a while now…”


“Well… I’ve been looking over Pavel’s archives, just verifying what needs to be done to keep the museum open and afloat.” The lie sits at the end of your tongue like a hot coal, but you don’t want to clue them into your investigation just yet. You would probably sound crazy to them… speaking of which…



You look directly at Erin who seems somewhat withdrawn. She seems to be staring at the coffin as it is prepared to be lowered- that or she is staring at Alec. His figure is striking as he looks over the process with a military rigidity.


“Erin, honey, how are you holding up?” you ask, hoping to divert the current discussion of your time locked away in the caretaker’s cabin.


Erin’s head snaps to you, her eyes wide in panic. She takes a moment to collect herself. “What was that?”


Abigail sighs, “She was trying to change the subject, she wanted to know how you’re doing.”


Erin’s eyes dart back to the coffin, but return to meet the both of you. “Oh, I’m fine… I guess I may have a new job lined up actually.”


“What? Really?” You feel almost saddened by this news.


Abigail sounds excited when she asks, “Really? Where?”


Erin gives a half smile. You can see the emptiness of the gesture as she continues, trying to put on a brave face. “Well, I spend a lot of time at the Scarlet Moon, and-”



Abigail interjects, “The new age store on Shorefront?”


“Mm, yes. I spend a lot of time there, particularly after the museum closed and I was offered some work there.”


She turns her eyes to you, now wide and apologetic. “Please, don’t think I’m quitting the museum… I just figured it might give me some work in the meantime and it’s a little more, well… interesting than cleaning up some old furniture.”


“Of course,” you say, “when I am ready to reopen the museum you’re entirely welcome to continue your work there, the shop won’t get in the way of that… in fact-”


You consider the nature of your investigation so far. Erin’s interest in the supernatural might prove useful given the nature of some of Pavel’s notes… Perhaps you might be able to have a steady source of information if she were around in a more research-oriented capacity.


From behind you your hear a rather agitated female voice asking, “In fact, what?”


You turn to see Howard and Martha approaching. You figured they would try to talk to you about the museum. You just wish it was on your terms.